Total Internet Marketing

Total Internet Marketing (T.I.M.) is an online repetitive contact system that all and members receive FREE with their exclusive membership. The system is designed for real estate agents to repetitively stay in contact with their client base of past clients and current prospects. Agents use the T.I.M. system to build a database of prospects and then to automatically follow up with their unlimited client base.

The T.I.M. system includes a library of over 250 marketing flyers for every type of client, plus a library of customizable greeting cards for not only the holidays but for real estate situations as well. Agents can pull listings from our listing database and electronically create property postcards and send them directly to their client base.

In addition to the marketing library, each agent receives an electronic business card that is attached to all materials that are sent on behalf of the agent to his/her client base.

The key to long-term success is building a database of customers who know, like and trust you. To create that kind of database requires continuously adding new customers and constantly staying in contact with those customers so they never forget you. The HouseHunt system is an excellent tool for bringing in new customers. Total Internet Marketing (T.I.M.) is an incredible system that will allow you to automatically stay in touch with your customers. The result is a continuously growing database of customers that will create a consistent level of sales as well as allow you to capture a higher percentage of repeat and referral business.

Some other advantages to building an electronic database are as follows:

  • Tremendous cost savings resulting from no printing or postage costs.
  • Consumers are 10 times more likely to open e-mail than direct mail.
  • Ability to grow a database to a large number, without the use of a budget.

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