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HouseHunt.com System for Success
System for Success

The HouseHunt.com System for Success™ places literally hundreds of extremely professional marketing tools in the hands of our exclusive member agents. This arsenal of powerful weapons allows HouseHunt’s subscribers to earn more commissions while working fewer hours. The most valuable of these tools is HouseHunt.com’s amazing system for delivering more customers to its exclusive member agents. We at HouseHunt are masters at minimizing the need for agents to prospect.

The HouseHunt system delivers a consistent flow of buyer and seller leads. It provides an edge over the competition, brands the agent as the leader in his/her community, and builds/maintains client relationships with its automated follow-up systems.

This System for Success™ has produced incredible results for hundreds of real estate professionals, including: the largest national franchises, regional independents, and small boutique agencies.

Benefits of the HouseHunt Success System

HouseHunt.com exclusive member agents enjoy many benefits while representing a HouseHunt.com community. The following benefits, all of which are included with your membership at no additional cost, are the ones that have the most impact on the careers of our member agents:

  • More Customers
    HouseHunt.com brings to you a steady flow of customers. Guaranteed!

  • Exclusive Territory
    Your territory is exclusive to you and you alone – no other realtor will have HouseHunt generated access to your customers.

  • Repetitive Contact/Follow Up System
    You have a top notch automated, repetitive contact system. It is an efficient and effective database management procedure. Set it! Forget it! Sell! Your customers will remember you!

  • Referral Network
    You have the opportunity to receive referrals from HouseHunt.com agents across the country. This network creates an excellent source of new business!

  • Search Engine Placement
    HouseHunt’s Search Engine Optimization team works hard to ensure your territory is ranked high on all major search engines. This optimization provides a higher quality of leads. With our nationwide network of territories, your web presence is much more powerful.

  • Premium Target Marketing
    Includes Keyword Advertising on major search engines designed to target motivated buyers and sellers.

  • Branded as the Agent of Choice
    With access to all the tools available through our complete real estate system, and the enhanced web presence, HouseHunt.com brands its agents as the salesperson of choice in local communities. We help you become a recognized household brand!

  • Marketing Material
    HouseHunt has an expansive library of marketing letters, newsletters, postcards, flyers, and holiday cards. Our materials are in both traditional and electronic formats. HouseHunt provides agents with a complete package of very creative marketing tools.

  • Training and Coaching
    We boast top notch personal training. Also offered are mastermind meetings and webinars on current real estate trends/topics. These sessions are conducted by the most successful Realtors in the history of our industry. With this guidance, you’ll be able to take your production straight to the top!

  • Personal Service
    You have live access to customer service reps. Their job is to guide you thru the process of efficiently using our complete system. We don’t succeed if our agents don’t succeed! We do everything in our power to support our family of agents with personal and effective service!
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