Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the contract? Am I locked into a long-term agreement?  Top
  • HouseHunt agreements are exceptionally fair to the agent. The initial agreement guarantees your price for one year and you may cancel at any time for any reason. Upon cancellation you would be responsible for payment through the end of the month following your notice of cancellation.

How many leads will I receive?  Top
  • HouseHunt cannot predict the number of leads that any one exclusive territory will produce. It depends on the size of the city, number and turnover of housing inventory, and many other demographic factors. We do have a long-term track record of consistently generating between 4,000 and 6,000 leads per day nationally, and we can guarantee to you that you will receive all leads that are generated for your exclusive territory are yours and yours alone and that you will receive them unfiltered and in real time. We do guarantee a certain number of leads per month so you have a safety net on your marketing investment.

Are my leads sold to other companies or agents?  Top
  • No! HouseHunt does not resell the leads to anyone else. All leads that are generated for the community that you exclusively represent are yours and yours alone.

Do you qualify (scrub) leads before I get them?  Top
  • No! All leads are delivered to you in real time and are delivered to your email as well as to your cell phone (if requested). You have full control in how you want to handle contacting your leads. It is our strong belief that YOU are the product that the consumer must buy and that you must create a relationship with the prospects. We stay out of the way of your success!

Are your leads of good quality?  Top
  • Yes! Our leads are generated from natural search engine results and targeted "Premier Marketing". Customers find our websites by typing in real estate related searches for your community. For example, someone moving to Orange County, California might search Google for “Orange County CA Homes for Sale”. Our Orange County website is found under those search results. On that page, the consumer can search for listings of homes, community information, school information, pricing trends, market conditions, as well as any additional information that matters the prospect looking to buy or sell a home in that area.

    The next step for the consumer would be to request more information on properties from the HouseHunt member agent who represents an individual community within Orange County, CA. The member agent would then provide the consumer with the information they are seeking, create a relationship and sell them a home. It is that simple!

    Leads generated from HouseHunt.com are from local, national and international buyers and sellers. Many sales are generated from buyers outside of the United States. HouseHunt’s incredible Internet presence is the key to generating a high volume of quality leads.

How soon will I begin to make money from HouseHunt leads?  Top
  • That is impossible to predict. Some member agents have been instantly successful and for some member agents it took over a year to close their first transaction. It totally depends on you! Generally, if you follow the HouseHunt system for lead conversion you will be successful within six months. Once you build a pipeline of leads you should create a steady flow of sales and income. We have many customers that are generating 50% to 90% of their business from HouseHunt generated leads. As a result many of our member agents careers have sky rocketed to where they have become the top agents of their respective Brokerages, cities and even states.

Do you offer any guarantee?  Top
  • Yes, we do guarantee in writing that you will receive a certain number of leads per month. How successfully you convert each lead depends on you. How quickly you call the customer back, provide relevant information to the consumer and how good you are at creating relationships will determine your success. However, we do guarantee that your territory is exclusive to you alone, you will receive every lead that is generated for your community, and that the leads will be exclusively yours.

    You also have the ability to cancel at any time for any reason so that you will never be locked into an unfavorable situation. See question 1 above. HouseHunt has been in business since 1995 and many members have been gladly paying their monthly fees since the beginning. Wouldn’t you agree that a Realtor would not continue to pay a monthly membership fee unless they were receiving a great return on their investment?

I already have a website. Why do I need another one?  Top
  • Nearly every agent has a website today! The real question is this: Is your website producing business? Since nearly every agent has a website how are you going to differentiate yourself from your competition? With HouseHunt you are the only agent that represents HouseHunt in your community. You have no competition! HouseHunt brands you as the expert of that community. This gives you a tremendous competitive advantage over the other Realtors in your community. Many of our member agents are able to secure listings simply because of the tremendous exposure they receive from their HouseHunt community website(s).

I already have real estate business from referrals and past clients. Why do I need a website?  Top
  • It is fantastic that you have created a good referral business for yourself. However, the habits of the consumer have changed and now nearly 90% of all consumers start their home search on the Internet. Do you really want to miss out on the opportunity to reach 90% of the market? By having a HouseHunt website we bring the customer to you. Wouldn’t it be great to turn on your computer every morning and have a customer waiting for you to help them? Add Internet to your traditional business and you eliminate the chance of your business going anywhere else.

How long have you been in business?  Top
  • HouseHunt has been in business since 1995. It was started by highly successful Realtors to help their own real estate business and has been successful in helping Realtors nationwide achieve success from the beginning. HouseHunt grew by word of mouth and was incorporated in 1998. Since then we have helped thousands of Realtors grow their business.

What else do you provide besides new customers?  Top
  • The most important thing that HouseHunt provides to you is customers that are exclusively yours, however HouseHunt has built a complete success system that is included as part of your monthly fee. This system includes the following:

    • New customers without prospecting.
    • Exclusivity.
    • Completely automated back-end database and contact system.
    • 100’s of marketing materials and letters for your immediate use.
    • Buyer and seller presentations.
    • Training and tools on all aspects of real estate with everything from business planning to listing fsbo’s and expired’s to handling objections.
    • Personal service from customer service and sales representatives.
    • Potential for referrals from other HouseHunt member agents nationwide.

What is the cost of your territories?  Top
  • The pricing of the territories is based on several factors including the population, median sales price, number of listings, and lead history. For new territories that have not been built the territory price is only based on population, median sales price and listing numbers. Territories generally return 100% of your investment upon the first sale and most territories generate at least a $10 to $1 return when owned for over a year. For specific pricing on your exclusive territory of interest call one of our professional sales consultants at 888-832-2244

What if my territory is not available?  Top
  • Unfortunately, we have many member agents who are unable to obtain a territory with HouseHunt because it has already been purchased by another agent. Territories do open up from time to time and you can be put on a contact list for that territory should it ever become available.

    Another option is to purchase a nearby territory. Every territory brings in leads and the buyer will generally be willing to move to nearby areas if the property meets their needs.

    All territories are sold on a first come; first serve basis.

"I have found that the leads I receive from HouseHunt are much higher quality than other lead generation companies I have tried. The price range is higher and I get all of the leads for the entire community instead of sharing with other agents or getting a percentage of a zip code. Last week I received 3 listings from HouseHunt leads that resulted in one immediate escrow and should result in 6 total transactions. Not bad for one week!"

Dennis Glavin, Camas, WA
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