Product Overview is one of the most powerful listing lead generation and marketing systems available to real estate agents. allows the agent to capture the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of homeowners who are thinking of selling or refinancing their home.

The integration of both the lead generation and the Total Internet Marketing System (T.I.M.), allows the agent to dominate the listing market in an entire zip code for just a fraction of the cost of managing a traditional “farm” area.

Imagine being the first in your area to know when a local resident is thinking of selling his/her home. If the seller is not ready to sell their home today, you can follow up with the potential seller with valuable information regarding the real estate market. The seller will then only interview one agent - you.

The system utilizes the same highly successful traditional formula used by top-producing agents for years. It provides agents with a way to contact new prospects, provide a valuable service, stay in touch on a regular basis, and promote their success on a consistent basis. Consumers get the information they seek, and agents separate themselves from the competition by creating an invaluable database of homeowner contact information. It’s a win-win situation.

Included with the Exclusive Territory

  • Exclusive Zip Code Territory

  • Total Internet Marketing (T.I.M.)

  • Ticket to the Top Agent Training Website

  • Training and Support