product overview

Your HouseHunt Exclusive Territory is part of a large network. Exclusive Territories are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and only one agent is allowed to represent a community. Leads are sent directly from the consumer to the agent’s personal email. Features:

  • Exclusivity
  • Only 1 agent services the entire community and receives ALL of the leads ALL of the time.
  • Site Built and Maintained by HouseHunt
  • provides excellent Search Engine Optimization for all of our Exclusive Members. Our network of sites perform far better than any individual agent website ever will. HouseHunt pages maintain a strong placement on all the major Internet search engines.
  • Powerful Listing Tool
  • Sellers list their homes with agents who have a client base of buyers who are moving to their area thus giving the HouseHunt agent a competitive edge.
  • Profit Center
  • The average HouseHunt member has reported to make an additional $70,000 annually in commissions from HouseHunt-generated business on average
  • Network of Sites
  • Prospects find the sites faster and easier through many “portals” or “gateways.”
  • Total Internet Marketing
  • An On-Line Repetitive Contact System that follows up automatically with all prospects. You will never miss another follow up. You will create client loyalty. Your name recognition in your community will skyrocket.
  • IDX is provided to Brokers and Real Estate Agents, where available.
  • FREE Customer Service Training and Support
  • Our Customer Service Department currently has multiple classes for all members to attend. These classes teach our members how to utilize our systems to work internet leads properly and effectively close deals.
  • Ticket to the Top
  • Training and marketing materials created by Jim Droz, the former #1 producing agent in the world for the CENTURY 21 System.
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