Are you a diamond in the rough or already shining bright? Take the Business Efficiency Analysis and find out! Answer the following 22 questions with either a Yes or No answer. Once you've completed your answers, click on "Check Your Business Efficiency Rating."
1. Does at least fifty percent (50%) of your production coming from listings sold (you represented the seller)?
2. Do you know exactly how many loyal customers you have?
3. Is your bank of loyal customers consistently growing and are you adding new customers on a daily basis without having to constantly prospect?
4. Do you currently have enough loyal customers to generate your desired income?
5. Do you know how many loyal customers you need to generate your desired income?
6. Are you making repetitive contact with every customer in your client base at least once every 30 days?
7. Is your internet presence generating at least 15 potential buyer leads and a minimum of 5 potential seller leads monthly?
8. Are you efficiently converting internet leads into transactions?
9. Are you using internet contacts to increase the size of your bank of loyal clients (versus looking only for immediate gratification)?
10. Are you working "For Sale by Owners" to quickly build your listing inventory?
11. Are you working "Expired Listings" to quickly build listing inventory?
12. Are you using every success (i.e. Just Listed, Just Sold, buyers closed, buyers searching) to build more recognition and create more success opportunities?
13. Do you have a system to create a constant stream of referrals from both individual and businesses?
14. Is your listing presentation one hundred percent (100%) effective?
15. Are you getting quality listings (priced and conditioned correctly)?
16. Do you have a great system to create buyer loyalty and to close buyers quickly?
17. Are you communicating with your active listings, active buyers, transactional customers and leads at least three (3) times per week?
18. Do you have a system in place to consistently build and maintain a positive public image?
19. Do you have an effective lead follow-up system?
20. Is your business generating enough income for you to purchase at least two (2) good investment properties annually?
21. Is your business systematized to a point where you can be extremely productive and still live a balanced, healthy life?
22. Can you predict, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, your income for the next twelve (12) months?

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